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1. Provide architecture drawings

To start the process we need the structural and architectural drawings and any other relevant specification related to the project.

2. Get a custom quote

Based on the documentation supplied our experienced estimator will supply you a quote for your project. This is the stage where we can suggest cost saving modifications.

3. See it live 3D modeling

Once accepted the quote becomes a live project and our detailers will start 3D modelling the project. At this stage we will sit down with you and go through the building in 3D during our consultation meetings. We work with you to perfect the 3D model. Then the model and drawing is shared with the architect and the engineer for approval.

We process, fabricate & surface treat steel

Once approved and everybody is happy the 3D model goes into production. Data from the 3D model is sent to our fully automated beam line that processes the steel to the smallest detail. The steel is cut to size, the holes are drilled and the connection cleats are marked on the steel members. A qualified boilermaker then welds the add on parts to the steel before being sent to the painting or galvanising.

4. Delivered & installed

We work with you to meet the construction schedule.  The steel is then delivered and erected to the approved erection drawings. From here your build continues with a reliable steel structure as it’s frame.

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